In Love of Honey, Money….. and my virgin passport

This is not available on Amazon currently. You can send a request/message to author to get your personal copy.

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Indian Contemporary Fiction

Let’s play a game. I say a word, and you think of the next few words that flash in your mind.

Hyderabad – Bangalore – Gurgaon – Mysore – Pune – Did something click in your mind? Is there something common about all these places? If so, you already know what this book is about: the very iconic software a.k.a. IT industry. Is this industry really a way to easy & money-minting job? Maybe yes. Maybe no. What do you say? Perhaps, Vinay can help you decide.


One comment on “In Love of Honey, Money….. and my virgin passport

  1. Truly amazing and keeps you engaged till the very last page. “In Love of Honey, Money….. and my virgin passport” is funny, touching and light novel.
    I just couldn’t put it down till I was done with the very last page. Characters were pictured quite practically and represent today’s corporate world quite closely.

    What I liked the most about this book is the fact that it deals with the very common dilemma faced by today’s youths i.e. the definition of success.
    The books helps the reader to understand true meaning of success and his or her definition of success.

    Also, it changes one’s perception about IT Industry Jobs, the so –called ‘Money Minting Jobs’.

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