I blog my poems here. For latest poems, you have to click on links given below. The ones that I had written years back, are written below.

My Heaven

(Click here to read) https://mitajain.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/my-heaven/


I’m all I have

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Not Enough!

(Click here to read) https://mitajain.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/not-enough-poetry/


Words Don’t Say a Thing …

It was raining outside,
Droplets were kissing the roof.
They were breathing, sighing
and singing aloof.

I placed my palm forward,
but the rain water seeped away.
Even it didn’t stay,
Just chose to keep me at bay.

And suddenly a dew drop,
rolled out of my eyes.
I took it on my palm,
to see deep inside.

And how surprised I was,
to see a whole ocean on my palm.
An ocean of feelings,
carrying turbulence in a way so calm.

Oh! I ran outside,
to express my unexpressed pain.
Alas, my ocean,
seeped away with the drops of the rain.

Do you know what I’ve been saying?
Did you see my ocean seeping away?
Can you decipher my words?
For words don’t say a thing, they never ever say …

It was all it took to heal …

I’m setting my dinner table,

Put down all the delicious food.

I put on the tv-cable,

Surf channels to find something good.

I gaze into the tv screen,

Though it seems I couldn’t see.

I had put the right ingredients,

But food doesn’t taste the same to me.

With half a bite in my mouth,

My thoughts drift away to you.

Did I say thanks to you ever,

Did I say you were so true !

I remember how I screamed,

Every time you set my room clean and right.

I know how I escaped your affection,

Took you for granted, in a manner so dry..

Now you are miles apart,

I wanna tell, I appreciate you now.

If I call, would you take me as selfish,

Or would you let me tell you, would you allow!

Nights and months and years pass by,

I’m setting my dinner table anew.

With half a bite in my mouth,

My thoughts drift away to you.

I choke, I sob, I’m still, I shiver.

I don’t know what do I feel.

I pick the phone and dial your number,

‘Hello…’ and I let go.

It was all it took to heal.

Walking on the road…I met

Hands in my pocket,

Wearing a long overcoat.

I was walking down the street,

Feeling a lump in my throat.

My footprints in the snow,

people pass and nothing left behind.

Snow flakes melted away in my hair,

Impermanence is nature’s design.

Cold white sheath below my feet,

The chill freezing the faint yellow sun.

Was it the winter making me cold

Or my locked heart stopping the spring season.

Then I took a left turn,

and my shadow came in front of me.

I didn’t know it was waiting at that corner;

Was I to feel angry or be glee?

I mumbled, I cursed,

I stamped my feet and asked it to leave.

But it took every step with me,

persisted even when it disagreed.

It coaxed me to see a tiny bud by the wall,

Whispering -‘It would blossom soon’.

I had seen it earlier,but now I observed

the bud’s tiny smile, melting the chill of this noon.

And I walked down smiling.. I had just met life !!!!


21 comments on “Poetry

  1. @ Words dont say a thing!

    Hey mits…. simply amazing!!! got to make a song on these two…. will be briliant!!

  2. @ Words dont say a thing

    hey mitae wud say the way u hav put the emotions and feelings thru the poem is an imagination with reality whose depth is being revealed wid each line of ur poem..its simply impressing..do continue writing..luv pragya

  3. @All It Took to Heal –

    Hey it’s nice….. !!!!! So now ur back on track ……. i mean ur writing …

    keep it up & light up the world with ur words..!!!!!

    Wishing u good luck & very all the best..


  4. @ All It Took To Heal —
    WOW… I never realizzzed that such a nice poet was hiding in our class 😉

    Good one 🙂

    Keep posting 🙂

    – Abhinay

  5. @ You’re the rainbow

    Your posts speak of what you had described of yourself in your self description. You are still a child at heart. Good. Keep it up.

    • Hey TT,
      Thanks for visiting my internet-home here.
      I’m really glad u liked my poems.

      Keep visiting.

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