Two And a Half Almost Marriages

Kindle eBook Romantic Comedy

This short love story is not about who is ‘the one’ or about how she meets him for the first time. Rather, it is about what happens when we cannot see ‘the one’ despite him/her being right in front of our eyes.

This story is not about the sensible sensibilities. It is about the romantic fool who resides in all of us.

At the heart of the story is the notion that there is someone made for everyone. It just needs the right eye and heart in the right place.

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18 comments on “Two And a Half Almost Marriages

  1. Hey Mita,

    This one too is a fine peice of work from you. Though half way I was sure it had to be Naved, but the the love-o-meter thing was enough a suspense to finish it in one shot. I must say you are doing really good. I think the style maintians a good tempo without overdoing it and nice sprinkling of high points throughout the story.

    Keep it up…

    Take care.

  2. Hi Vishal,
    Thanks for reading the story. I guess I’m developing some readership ;-). Wow. I feel humbly encouraged.

    About Naved’s character, actually I never wanted that to be a suspense. Instead I wanted the reader to know very well that Mr.Right is Naved only, and worry that why this silly-romantic-innocent girl is not realizing it. The man was right in front of her eyes since the beginning.

  3. I’m touched…the way i always felt after finishing Love story or any similar work..
    Mita u r simply amazing. The best part is, i visualized myself to every instance mentioned.
    ofcourse u know wot true love is !!
    As the line reveals…
    ‘I want you to walk with me, hand in hand.’

  4. Hi Sanjay,
    Thanks for browsing through my space here. And I’m elated that you could relate to the story in such manner.

  5. Mita, i should say this is one of the best things i have read…the way you narrated the story -the flow of words, subtle humour with right expressions was truely mesmerizing and touchy….

    I like the love-o-meter suspense and quote ‘Your man shouldn’t support you; he should walk with you shoulder to shoulder.’

    Keep writing and remember the agreement 😉


  6. Hi Mita,

    the story and the love-o-meter idea is damn good. fantastic. Keep up the good work and like to see more from you.

  7. Hi Sujit,
    I’m glad you overcame the terror on seeing this seemingly long short-story ;-), and actually read it through. Lol. And yea, thanks for all the appreciation.

    Keep visiting my space here.

    PS: I do remember the agreement.

  8. Hey Anu.. I welcome my longtime reader back to the blog [:D]. Thanks for encouragement and keep visiting my space here. Enjoy

  9. Very good romantic story… the suspense regarding the love-o-meter was really good….Many a times the person we are looking for is right infront of our eyes but we never realise that and keep searching in the crowd.

  10. Hi Ratika,
    What a pleasant surprise to see your comments here! Vinod must have forwarded the link to you. I just added you in my yahoo messanger.
    I’m glad u liked the story…Enjoy n see you soon

  11. Its absolutely beautiful story. The love-o-meter thing is truly a mastermind. I also loved the way of story telling as well. very nice…!

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