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Here, I will be posting Novels that I’ve written in past few years. Post a response to share your thoughts, and I’ll surely reply

1. Dead Man’s Alibi

Click here to read “Dead Man’s Alibi”


2. In Love of Honey, Money… and my virgin passport!

Click here to read “In Love of Honey, Money ….. and my virgin passport”


13 comments on “Novels

  1. Hey Nitin,
    You can click on the title “Dead Man’s Alibi” above to read further. I’ve posted prologue and 2 chapters for now..

  2. I never knew that I have some one so creative in my friend-list. Mita! please tell me all your creative aspects in one go. Some days before I got to know that you are an excellent painter then I saw some of your poems which impressed me further. Today, its hight of everythig, I got to know that you are a novelist as well. Truely amazing!

    I am really keen and looking forward to have a copy of this novel…..will consider it as gift on my b’day…lol.

  3. Thanks for your encouraging words, Gaurav.
    Hang on for knowing more aspects about me, and keep visiting my page. I promise to surprise you further. Lol.

    And yea, since you’re keen to read it further, I’ve emailed it to you. Happy Reading!

  4. Hello… that you Mita…!!! Its impressive …. I am reading first 2 chapters from the link above, and will definitely love to read the novel. Best would be to buy a copy from Crosswords…. what say ? :). Well, great going….!!!

  5. Hi Vishal,
    Many thanks for visiting my webpage, and reading the chapters.
    About crosswords….probably that’s what I’m contemplating right now. But I don’t know how good or how bad the novel(s) are.

    That’s why I’ve posted excerpts here to get some honest feedback. If it’s good, I may try publishing, and my little dream may come true 😀

  6. Hey Mita,

    Thats great…all my sincere and best wishes are with you. Its very pleasing to hear that a friend is moving closer to making a dream come true. All the very best. So I will have to wait for some more time to complete the thriller !!!! :D.

  7. Hi Mita,

    I read the 2 chapters of this novel sometime back, and would like to read more as and when you post them.

    To be honest, the first two chapters are really good. Very impressive. I always knew you write very well (borrowed your english notebook a few times in St. Pauls), but this was much better than ‘very well’. Writing style and description of the events till now have been immaculate.

    I’m waiting to see the sequence of events that will follow and how the mystery will be solved or not solved.


  8. Hey Sreejit,
    Thanks for your interest. Will share the novel with u soon.
    P.S: about the boring days, I guess there are many such dayz to come in near future 😉

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