9 comments on “Shroud of Turin

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  2. i believe in god and i think that the shroud is real.i think that this image is scary and cool at the same time. thank you for posting this pic it is amazing how god can prove he is real thru so many things. thanks

  3. I find it interesting that only Christian scholars refute the radiocarbon dating as inaccurate because, amongst other reasons, of bacterial contamination, while not arguing against this possibility with the dating of Egyptian mummies who are even older.

    Blinded by fanaticism.

  4. Well, i am christian. A born again christian. I love God and i fully believe in his death nd ressurection. the thing is, on the shroud shows his face. and its just like the stereotypical image of Jesus. don’t you think that is kind of strange? I mean before we this shroud was discovered, that stereotypical image was already projected without the knowledge of what Jesus looked like. Plus carbon dating says that it was from the Mideval (Spelling?) Era…. so… yeah. i think it is a great symbol, but i don’t think it was the real deal.

  5. My belief system doesn’t need any physical evidence to proove God or His Miracles. So the point here should not be the authenticity of Christ or the date of death or anything related to the common belief…..as sometimes certain things should be kept mysterious….
    i m in consent that all these stuff should only be used in spreading +ive awareness amongst religious ppl….or to inculcate moral values in the atheists….

  6. God has left evidence everywhere, that Jesus & the Bible are 100% true. Check out http://www.arkdiscovery.com & you will see Noah’s Ark ,Red sea crossing where chariots,human & horses remains are found.This is just to name a few things that you will see.Please check out this web site & you will see that God & the Bible are real.

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