4 comments on “Dazzle – Oil Painting

  1. Hi Mita, this is Rohit from Blr. I am looking for a cheaper alternative to canvas, since I was planning on doing a big one for the house (about 3 x 2 feet). I was wondering about MDF and found your site. Would you mind helping me out with these questions? Do you get the MDF pre-cut at some art supply place or do you just go to a mdf/plywood store and get it from there? Also what did you use to prime the surface (acrylic gesso?)

    • Hi Rohit,
      I got MDF board pre-cut at a hardware store. There would be many options with varied thickness. I don’t remember exactly which one I opted for. But, definitely it wasn’t the thinnest or thickest either. Thinnest won’t be as stable, and thickest would be heavy and may warp under its own weight after some time. Go for some medium thickness one.

      After that you can use acrylic gesso or camel-texture-white. You might have to use multiple layers to achieve desired finish. Ofcourse keep sanding with a sand-paper with each layer to achieve smoother finish

      • Thanks for the quick reply. I will try to break this into 2 or more sections to address the weight-warping problem. It’s going to be abstract, so should work out fine.

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